Our story

Deverything™ was founded in 2013 by Swedish entrepreneurs Jarmo Lindmark and Marthin Bergstrand. They decided to start a new journey in life where they together would build software, teach best practices and enjoy helping other companies with their code base and delivery systems.

The first companies to hire us were the telematics company WirelessCar (Volvo Group) as well as the aviation giant Jeppesen (a Boeing company) in Gothenburg, Sweden, where we still are actively contributing with consultants. After the first contract was signed many other companies where interested in our services. Deverything™ has since then continued to deliver different services to companies mainly located in Scandinavia.


Life at Deverything™

Our philosophy is that all our team members should have the best possible setting to evolve as developers and becoming the best they can be. We always ensure that our personnel is motivated and happy so nothing stands in their way to carry out their profession. To learn and improve skills we do social events where we meet, talk, laugh and most often develop cool things together. If you think you have the skills to join our fantastic team then contact us at info@deverything.se

The founders

Jarmo Lindmark
Founder / Consultant
Born in Mexico, living in Sweden

Marthin Bergstrand
Founder / Consultant
Born and lives in Sweden