Launch & Deploy

Curious about having your own IT consulting company

..but not sure how to start?

Taking the leap can be a challenge. We have found the way to transition between being an employee and being your own boss and keeping the risks to a minimum. We have been there, we have done the same journey and we love entrepreneurs. We decided to help out. Launch & Deploy switches the paradigm and takes you to the next level.

  • 1. We find you an assignment

    We present assignments and you choose what you like. We then take care of presenting you to the company and coaching you along the way so that you land the right assignment.

  • 2. You get employed by Deverything

    You will start by being an employee at Deverything AB, creators of Launch & Deploy. You get a competitive salary, together with all benefits by law, plus 6 weeks paid vacation and extra pension saving.

  • 3. You start your assignment

    Try it out and if you don't enjoy it, we will find you something more in par with your preferences.

  • 4. We help you start your company

    We help you create your business plan as well as abide by the Swedish laws and processes. Through our partners you get a comprehensive package including all the insurances you will need to provide your services as well as economy help.

  • 5. When you are ready, you take over the contract in your current assignment

    After 2000 billable hours as employee at Deverything, you may become a sub-contractor whenever you feel ready to succeed as your own boss.

  • 6. You are now your own boss

    And a partner in the Launch & Deploy network. No risk. No problems. Just awesomeness.

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